Are Housewife Actually Doing Nothing?

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You could often hear that housewives are lucky people, they have nothing to do. They can eat, sleep, wake and watch serials sitting in home. Unfortunate this prediction about housewife are wrong. You will find that about two – thirds of females in Indian population are housewives but the trend is changing now. They are the people who work all twenty four hours a day. They are using every minute of their life to help someone in their family. They will be sacrificing their own happy time to help someone in their family come out of their sad time. They are the first ones to get picked on when something goes wrong in family. They are also the ones who will get insulted and criticized more in a family. Their communication skills in another language apart from their mother tongue is very bad. Thus, people in family would use her lack of knowledge and skills not mention experience as a source of laughter in home. But actually what are house wife’s doing?

They are acting as accountants Windsor in family. In most of the family, females are the ones who maintain the income and expenses. They are the ones who maintain the money. They save the money as much they can. They will help other people in family in times of emergency.

There are the ones who are getting psychologically affected more than the others in the family because they try to mother everyone. You may think it’s fun to tease them or make fun of their in abilities but the sad thing is they are not the reason for their inabilities. Moreover, everyone else gets a different atmosphere from the home atmosphere to get a change of mind and relaxation, but the housewives are stuck in the same environment which makes them think more like over think problems since their world is small.

They are mothers when you need someone older to comfort you. They are like multitalented people who are inhabiting earth. They cook; clean and do all house chores without a fight. They also get accused of bot doing anything. They get blamed for the misbehaving kids. Whereas when the same kids does something good, everyone else in the family comes forward to take name for their good rearing. They predict the moods of people and act accordingly.

They are smart and funny. They support people with whole heart. They are all rounder’s in family. They are playing the role of maids, cleaners, chef, nanny and several others. These might be labelled as social roles. But sadly, it is not just social roles they is making them do this.

By this no means women who work from home or work at an office are less. In fact, they are more susceptible to stress. But the sad thing is they will get different people to associate with unlike the housewives.